Zuberfizz Cap Contest Rules

284 Sawyer Drive, Suite A Durango, CO 81301Drink a Zuberfizz and look under the cap! Some Zuberfizz bottles will have letters under the cap. Save all the letters you need to spell

"Z-U-B-E-R-F-I-ZZ", when you spell the word correctly (as pictured below- you have to have the double zz) you win a free Zuberfizz t-shirt!  We will even pick up “shipping and handling!”

To get your t-shirt, send all the winning caps, T-shirt size and your ship-to name & address to:

Durango Soda Company, Inc.

284 Sawyer Drive, Suite A

Durango, CO 81303

In order to get your shirt WE MUST HAVE all 8 caps, t-shirt size, and your ship-to name & address. Feel free to swing by our headquarters to drop by your winning caps and pick up your t-shirt if you would like to avoid the mailing process! 

Zuberfizz Headquarters

284 Sawyer Drive, Suite A Durango, CO 81301

Zuberfizz Cap Contest Info & Rules