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Durango Soda Company, Inc. was founded in January of 2002.  Partners Banden Zuber (hence Zuberfizz!!) and Dan Aggeler started home-brewing as roommates at Colorado State University and eventually became commercial Brewmasters.  The idea was to manufacture traditional sodas that existed decades ago by using the best ingredients and packaging available, similar to what the micro-brew industry was demonstrating.

The most important ingredient used in our sodas is pure cane sugar. Large companies have abandoned pure cane sugar to cut costs by using high-fructose corn syrup. It has been shown that this new widely-used ingredient is difficult to metabolize and is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes among Americans. Pure cane sugar also tastes much better. Every ingredient used in our sodas is of the highest quality.

Packaging and the environment are also of importance to Durango Soda Company. We use glass bottles for all of our products. The old "heritage" twist-top bottle contributes to the look and feel of traditional sodas. Glass containers not only help preserve flavor, but are easier on the environment. The detergents and sanitizers we use are also worker & environmentally friendly.  Afterall, the 2 owners still make every batch of soda produced!

Starting with mom and pop restaurants in Durango, Zuberfizz is now available around the USA. We have also expanded into larger markets including King Sooper's, City Market, Albertson's, Cost Plus World Market and Safeway. Our hope is to further educate the consumer on our quality products and make them more available to enjoy.

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These guys are Awesome people making great products....and a Local Colorado company what else you want!


I just had my first "Zuberfizz Creamy Root Beer"! Absolutely the best I have ever had! So smooth and delicious!

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